Impossible triangles
Impossible triangles. Symmetries used: Kaleidoscope 30°, Kaleidoscope 60°, Hexagons

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions about Amaziograph features and application.

  • What can I expect from Amaziograph?

    The best description is given from on of the Amaziograph users as review on App Store. “Basic enough for non skilled and just enough for skilled artists. This app alone was one of the few reasons I really wanted an iPad Pro, and it honestly doesn’t disappoint. It does lack in features, so don’t get if you’re wanting some decked out art program and won’t settle for less. Otherwise, get it, have fun, and see where your imagination can take you. Basic enough for non skilled and just enough for skilled artists.”

  • Can I use designs created with Amaziograph for commercial purposes?

    Sure! You own all rights over the art you’ve created. That being said, we’d appreciate it if you could tag us when sharing your work on Instagram – we use the #amaziograph tag on Instagram :)

  • What is the price of the Amaziograph app ?

    Amaziograph is the most affordable app on the market, and it has the best value for the money.
    For education purposes, there is a price reduction according to the store rules.
    If you need a promo code to test the app, call us. Amaziograph Ltd keeps the right to change the price at any time.

  • Are there similar apps to Amaziograph for drawing symmetries and mandalas?

    Yes, there are plenty of apps for drawing mandalas and symmetries, and you are free to try them. We guarantee that Amaziograph is the most simple and easy-to-use app with amazing features ever designed to create digital mandalas, symmetries, and tessellations.

  • Which device is the best to run Amaziograph?

    We offer three versions of Amaziograph that are compatible with the following devices:

    • Any iPad with iOS14 or later.
    • Android devices with Android OS v9 or later.
    • Windows 10 devices with 4GB RAM. If you would like to get the best of Amaziograph, we recommend to use iPad pro with Apple Pencil.
  • What stylus works best with Amaziograph on the iPad?

    While you don’t need a stylus to use Amaziograph, having one can significantly improve your experience.

    • Apple Pencil works well for iPad models that support it and is very precise.
    • Amaziograph also supports the Adonit Pixel and lets you assign custom action to the shortcut buttons on the pen.
    • Cheap rubber-tip works out of the box too! Chances are you already have one lying around. Currently, pressure sensitivity is available only for Apple Pencil, Adonit Pixel and some Android and Windows styluses.
  • I've found a bug / have a suggestion!

    Email us at or
    Make sure to tell us the device and OS version you are using.
    Send a bug report or suggestion directly from the app (More -> Help)

  • Does Amaziograph support vector graphics?

    No, at the moment, none of the Amaziograph versions support vector graphics. However, you can choose to work with a denser resolution and then vectorize your work using Inkscape, Illustrator, or other third-party tools.

  • Are iPad, Android, and Windows 10 versions the same?

    Unfortunately, not.
    You can draw mandalas and other symmetries with all versions, and the basic functionality is the same. New features usually get added to the iPad version first, and it takes some time before they find their way to the Android / Windows versions.
    However, be assured that the Android / Windows versions are not forgotten!

  • Is there an iPhone version?

    Not right now. We recently have tested v7 on iPhone, but it looks the users can’t have the same experience as on the iPad. Temporarily this project is put on hold.

  • Can I draw straight lines?

    Yes, you have to turn on the Shape recognition option in the Brush or Eraser tool. Amaziograph will recognize if your curve is close to a straight line or circle and will adjust it.

  • In which formats can I export drawings?

    Amaziograph allows you to export drawings in JPEG, PNG, PSD (Photoshop), and Amaziograph format. If you need support for a particular file, please send it to us as an Amaziograph file.

  • Can I export tiles for wallpaper or fabric printing?

    Yes. If the selected layer symmetry and size allow it.

  • Can I import pictures?

    You can import a picture when you create a new drawing. The image should be in Photos. The canvas will be the same size as your picture, and symmetry will be turned off. The picture will be imported in Layer 1. You also can insert images at any time in a new layer.

  • Can I apply symmetries to inserted images?

    Unfortunately, no. You can use the inserted image to draw over or as a background.

  • Can I hide layers?

    Sure, in the Layer tool, you can find an icon to hide/show a layer. Other options are available in the context menu. Slide the layer left to right to open a menu for change layer opacity.

  • Can I merge layers?

    Yes, it is possible.

  • Can I export or import drawings with layers ot other apps?

    Yes. You can export / import any layer using drag and drop. You can insert images from Photos and Files (iOS).

  • Is there another way to mix colours?

    Yes. The current way of getting new colours is the unique Amaziograph feature.
    If you want to use traditional digital methods to get new colours, hold on to a colour cell, or move it up. You can select RGB or HSV mixers from the new pop-up window or either enter the HEX code of the desired color. Press on Done to store the colour.

  • Can I pick up a colour?

    Yes. Drag a colour picker from the palette or colour square swatches on the toolbar.

  • Why are my lines not so smooth and sometimes look so pixelized?

    Amaziograph drawing is a raster image, and the pixelation of the lines depends on the canvas size, brush size, and brush shape. Using the Smoothness option can reduce pixelation, too.

  • I have an issue with drawing long smooth lines. What do I suppose to do??

    No worries, Amaziograph introduces line Smoothness in the Brush and Eraser tool. The Smoothness feature will adjust the correlation of the stylus movement.

  • Can I print my artwork in A4 format?

    You can print your artwork in any format that you want. To get a better print quality, we recommend using canvas size presets.