Amaziograph is the perfect app for teaching tessellations and symmetries to students. The application makes drawing tessellations not only easy, but also incredibly fun. Here are a few examples:

Photos coutesy of Tricia Fuglestad
Amaziograph 5 star badge
Amaziograph 5 star badge

Amaziograph has been evaluated as educational app. Please find what the specialsits says about Amaziograph educational capabilities.

How do I get it?

  • If your students are using iPads and your school is part of Apple’s Volume Purchase Program, your school gets a 50% discount buying more than 20 units of Amaziograph.
  • We can offer promo codes for schools not part of the Volume Purchase Program. If you are an art teacher, feel free to write to us at We can give you a promo code so you can try Amaziograph and see how you can use it.


  • The Amaziograph app does not collect, store and share any user information.
  • Amaziograph files do not contain any identifying information about the student that has created it.
  • Students’ Amaziograph artworks are their property and can be shared out of Amaziograph using standard iOS / Android / Windows options. Amaziograph is not responsible for content the created by students.