Amaziograph started in 2012 when Hristo worked on a high school project that showcases the math used in M.C.Escher’s tessellations. The idea for this project was given by Hristo’s IT teacher, Mrs. Eleonora Pavlova. As that project proved popular at a few science fairs, Hristo developed the iPad app shortly after and has been working on it ever since.

In 2017, Android and Windows 10 versions were launched. They are developed and maintained by Nikolay Shtinkov, Ivan Kolev, and Ralitsa Shtinkova.

In 2018 Hristo’s father, Svetoslav also joined to Amaziograph development team. He occasionally contributes to the iPad app, too – he came up with the shape recognition feature, new symmetries and oversaw translation into foreign languages. In 2021 Hristo stepped out from Amaziograph development and Svetoslav continued maintaining the iPad version.

We publish only our own drawings and videos on Amaziograph’s social media pages. Behind this are two other members of Amaziograph family – Marina and Snezhina. In 2017 Apple selected Snezhina’s artwork to be part of the Apple website.

Amaziograph is, above all, a tool to assist artists in creating mandalas and tessellations. Yet, its simple interface makes it welcoming to everyone who enjoys drawing.

Over the years, we have seen Amaziograph used by art teachers, professional artists, tattoo designers. We regularly check in on Instagram to see the great things our talented users have made. We can’t wait to see what you create next!

The best evelaution of our efforts to create a simple and easy to use tool is given by one of Amaziograph users in App Store review.

“Basic enough for non skilled and just enough for skilled artists.

This app alone was one of the few reasons I really wanted an iPad Pro, and it honestly doesn’t disappoint. It does lack in features, so don’t get if you’re wanting some decked out art program and won’t settle for less. Otherwise, get it, have fun, and see where your imagination can take you. Basic enough for non skilled and just enough for skilled artists.”

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