With Amaziograph everybody is an Artist!

Amaziograph Features


Amaziograph applies symmetries to everything you draw.

Creating a symmetric image is easy: choose the type of graph you want and then draw! You can see how your tessellation changes as you draw. Whatever you draw, it looks beautiful.

Not only does Amaziograph allow you to use a symmetry while drawing, but it also enables you to change or turn off the symmetry in the process of drawing. Furthermore, you can configure the symmetry grid as you like.


Amaziograph offers an innovative approach to using colors in an iPad application using gestures.

To create a new color, just drag an existing color from one cell into another cell and mix!

To clean your palette, just shake your iPad.

And more...

To sum up, here's a more detailed list of Amaziograph's features:

10 kinds of symmetry
Brush, Eraser & Paint Bucket
Pinch to zoom
4:3 canvas to express yourself

  • iPad model scren size canvas to express your creativity
  • Import, as background, photos from your camera roll
  • Undo & Redo
  • Customizable color palette
  • Adjustable brush size, softness and opacity
  • Organize your creations in collections
  • Share your masterpieces via email, facebook and twitter
  • Save or print your artwork